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Monday, January 25, 2021 فارسی

Scientific activities of ASMERC are mainly performed by full time faculty members of ASMERC, part time faculty members of different Iranian universities and research experts from IRIMO headquarter. AMERC, provincial meteorological research  centers, and other institutions.
In addition to a research council the directs scientific activities of ASMERC, there are nine search groups as follows.

1- Dynamic & Synoptic Meteorology

  • Pressure patterns for varieties of atmospheric behaviors
  • Gradual shift from synoptic to numeric methods for weather forecasting
  • Development of Numeric weather Prediction (NWP) models
  • Improvement of short range weather forecasts
  • Improvement of specialized weather forecasts for aviation, marine, agricultural, and air pollution purposes
  • Weather systems of the region

2- Climatology

  • Climatic classifications
  • Preparation of varieties of Climatic Atlases
  • Know-how on potential climatic capabilities for different regions of the country for their better usage
  • Drought and its widespread impacts in the country
  • Issue of climatic outlooks
  • Climate change and its import assessments

3- Physical Meteorology & Weather Modification

  • Cloud seeding for precipitation enhancement through ground based generators, airborne generators, and use of rockets
  • Temporal and spatial distribution control of precipitation
  • Fog dispersal
  • Hail suppression
  • Optimal application of wind and solar energy


4- Agrometeorology

  • Determination of cultivation patterns of different climatic regions
  • Determination of sowing, harvest, and other agricultural practices times
  • Determination of suitable times to naturally control pests
  • Calculation and estimation of water needs of field crops
  • Optimal use of fertilizers, pesticides, and plant hormones
  • Optimal use of forests, grassland, and their rehabilitation
  • Drought, chilling and frost


5- Hydrometeorology

  • Early warning for flood and storm to reduce causalities and damages
    Precipitation and evaporation patterns
  • Intensity, duration and frequency of showers
  • Probable Maximum Precipitations (PMP) in different basins of the country and neighboring countries
  • Optimization of water use in different economical sectors
  • Higher durability of dam reservoirs and fish farming


6- Atmospheric Chemistry, Ozone, and Air pollution

  • Air pollution potential and the problems of air pollution in the greater cities
  • Urban air circulation and determination of more polluted districts of the cities
  • Heat islands of greater and industrial cities
  • Site selection of industrial townships
  • Structural guidance for greater cities traffic control
  • Modeling aspects of urban air quality


7- Marine Meteorology & Physical Oceanography

  • Dynamically and physically oceanographical studies
  • Currents, wave and tidal models
  • Meteorological studies towards navigation safety in the neighboring seas
  • Meteorological studies towards designing structures of offshore platforms


8- Atmospheric prospecting

  • Study of upper layers of the atmosphere
  • Satellite imagery received  from different weather satellites
  • Weather radar and its network in the country
  • Radiosonde and its network in the country

9- Aeronautical Meteorology

  • Meteorological studies towards flight safety
  • Meteorological and climatological studies for site selection and designing of airports
  • Meteorological studies towards preparation of guidelines for best flight routes